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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It was the Best of Times; It was the Worst of Times

Most creative use of the word "Despite"

Despite the less than generous Unemployment Insurance system, however, just 3.0% of Nebraska’s labor force was unemployed over the course of 2015, the second lowest jobless rate of all states.

Rankings of Best- and Worst-governed States

based on Debt per capita, unemployment rate, tax revenues, diversity of industry, Moody credit rating, poverty rate, rainy day fund vs. operating expenses, and other indicators. (See methodology, below)
Details at site:

Ten best-governed.
1. North Dakota
2. Minnesota
3. Nebraska
4. Wyoming
5. Utah
6. Iowa
7. Texas
8. Colorado
9. Washington
10. Oregon

Ten worst-governed
50. New Mexico
49. Illinois
48. Rhode Island
47. Mississippi
46. Alabama
45. Kentucky
44. Louisiana
43. New Jersey
42. Pennsylvania
41. West Virginia


1 comment:

  1. Seems like Southern states are suffering from bad governance.

    Would it be fair to Gov. Rauner of Illinois since he inherited a wasteland of debt?


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